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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Jr. High SUMMER Camp

Lando & Miss M took off for church Jr. high Summer camp (Lando as an Assistant Counselor/Miss M as a camper). What FUN for them to both be there together!!!

We heard the Droopy's had a BLAST with their Assistant Counselor, Lando.
And we know HE sure had a fun time!

Miss M and her cabin had a BALL as well (With Bethany, Emy & Jade B. as Counselors!) Their cabin was PURPLE and MAN, was Miss M decked out!... She had some SERIOUS cabin spirit! (She came home with purple hair spray embedded in her scalp.)
Miss M said it was the BEST CAMP EVER! She was happy to come home but now wishes she could go right back for another week!

On a bummer note, it APPEARS H1N1 (swine flu) was being passed around the camp. At least one camper (a good friend of Miss M's) and one counselor have been confirmed - ugh!

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