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Thursday, July 2, 2009

DC/NYC Day 9 (Thursday)

Today we kind of slept in (we needed it). We got up and got ready and ate pizza at Famiglia Pizza (yum!) then negotiated the subway up to the Natural History Museum (Night at the Museum). We went inside and the lines were SO long we asked the kids "Who really wants to see this museum?"... we got 4 "not me's"... so we left.

We went to Central Park and walked all around it. We saw all the things you want to see in Central Park (and then some - haha!).

We saw the Belvedere Castle
and the Bethesda Fountain.

We went to the Boathouse and got an ice cream cone. While we were still there, we got caught in a torrential downpour!
We only had 2 umbrellas with us, so we just hung out in the Boathouse. (There were tons of poor people out rowing in boats on the lake in this HUGE rain.)
Once the rain stopped, we walked some more and went on the Central Park carousel and saw the great lawn and the Conservatory.

We eventually left Central Park (much to the delight of the children) and headed onto 5th avenue. Jade was very eager to use his NYC spending money on an ipod and he was eager to do it at the 24 hour Apple store that is a large glass cube on 5th. you enter the glass cube and then go down underground to the store which was huge & packed. The rain started pouring again and so tons of people headed into the store which became even more crowded. We had to stay in there until the rain stopped.

Then we headed down 5th and went into Trump Tower. We went into the 5 story Nike Town. We went into Abercrombie (just to see the live model posing in the entrance - hilarious). By this time we were all getting hungry and all agreed we did not want to eat in a chain restaurant that we could eat in at home. We wanted to eat "authentic" New York food. We had read about Sapporo on frommers.com and it was only a block or so from our hotel, so we tried it. It was a little hole in the wall and it was yummy. HUGE bowls of noodles. Delectable.

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