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Thursday, July 2, 2009

DC Day 8 (More Manhattan Arrival)

We enjoyed an overpriced dinner at Junior's right across the street from our hotel (I know, get used to it, right?).

It was a Wednesday night Times square is PACKED!

It has been closed to traffic for about a month so people can walk in the street, there are "bleachers" set up to just sit and ogle, there are lawn chairs and little bistro tables to just sit in the street and look up (the cops think is it the stupidest idea the city/Mayor ever had - exaggerated eyes rolls etc.)... but I think it is a kinda good idea... it IS pretty amazing!

We just walked around the area a LOOKED UP. We found our theater for West Side Story (saturday) - we can see it from our room's window! We also had Miss M flicker our room lights so we could find our room and we stood down in Times Square and jumped and waved to her like fools! HA!

We went to a Walgreens in the middle of it all and got some stuff we needed.
We looked for a GNC (sport/nutrition) and got there right after it closed.

And Lando missed it all, poor guy.

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