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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

DC/NYC Day 14 (Monday)

Our last day in Manhattan had us up early, packing.
D & I walked across town (20 minutes) to get our rental car.
On the way, we popped in to St. Patrick's Cathedral... it really is quite amazing.

Walking back & forth across town I got a photo with New York's finest.
Then we got to the National Rental Car office where had dropped of our first rental car and waited in line for 15 minutes only to find out that we were at the wrong office!
So we walked 20 minutes back plus an additional 15 to the new office only to get there and be 15th in line!!!
I ran out to get some breakfast, by the time I got back 25 minutes later, D had moved about 1 inch in line and some people at the front were being told there WERE not minivans available even though they had made a reservation well in advanced!... This did not bode well for OUR minivan reservation!
By the time we got to the front, the Employee said she could call other Nationals to see who had a minivan... but then right at that moment, some "runners" delivered a brand new Volkswagen minivan with only 500 miles on it and she gave it to us!!! Woo hoo!

This is our new friend Richard who we met in line at National.

We dropped Jade off at the "Pod" hotel where he was going to spend one night alone before flying out of la Guardia the next day.
A little sad to end on this note... ending all the togetherness and separating.

As a result of all this, we left the city MUCH later than anticipated and got on the road back to DC. We had to battle rush hour traffic as we approached DC but we eventually made it there at about 6:30. We had no reservations and no idea where we were staying so we just drove around and found an Embassy Suites and got a room.
We quickly unloaded the car and headed out for dinner at Clyde's
and a night viewing of the monuments!
This was pretty awesome... the temperature was cool and lovely and we were SO glad we went!
We hailed a cab from the Lincoln memorial and got back to the hotel around 11PM and went to bed instantly because we had an early morning to have to get to the airport by 6:30 and return our rental car and get our seat assignments fixed.

nightie night.

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