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Monday, May 4, 2009

Renaissance Day 7th Grade

Miss M has been learning about the renaissance period in school in 7th grade.
She has learned about the art and the culture and politics and even some interesting thing like the people only bathed once per year!

The end this period of study with a large & fun Renaissance Day complete with May Pole dancing (which fit because it was on May Day), renaissance dancing, designing a coat of arms, doing illumination, a trial complete with a stockade, making flower bouquets, attacking a castle, catapulting and much more.  The students were expected to come in costumes (or they got marked down).  

I was surprised and impressed by the level of participation and the large amount of parent volunteers!

There were Bishops and peasants and royalty... Miss M was a gypsy:

Miss M at school with another gypsy friend!

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  1. The gypsy-wear turned out so well!! She looks beautiful!