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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Turn it Around - THE BOOK

It's not that I think my "turn it around" book is so spectacular, it's just that:
#1 - It is one of the only crafts I have made since leaving MOPS.
#2 - It was such a fun, memorable day.
#3 - The MAMBI papers are just delectable! 
#4 - Since crafting is such a rare occurrence, I decided I should save it for posterity.
#5 - I am fairly craft impaired, so, actually, for me, this IS spectacular!!!

Anyhow, in light of the above, I decided to take a picture of every single page layout... and yes, lucky readers, I will update again once I have written in them!!!


  1. That is FABULOUS!!!!!! I love it! Really!!!!

  2. mommy i am very happy to know that you can indeed be creative. I now feel more like i am your daughter :)