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Friday, April 17, 2009

Miss M on Diets

Miss M - on her own personal blog - wrote the following.

"My life has been taken over.
i hate diets, not people on diets, just diets themselves.

my parents have recently gone on a low calorie diet. Because of this decision my life has taken a 180 turn...blah. our pantry used to be filled with yummy goodness :) yum.

Recently however the cookies and yummy stuff have been finished. Usually at this time my mother would buy more. But, no more have been purchased because its "temptation" to my parents. So my junk food life has been destroyed :/

Hold on...that's not the worst. the only thing that they ever talk about anymore are calories this and calories that...ha fun. If we can get through 5 minuets at the dinner table without a comment on calories we would be considered lucky :(

Its so bad that today at school i found myself clutching my friends cookie. :/
i cant help it... i have not eaten a cookie in...it pains me to say it...but its been like 4 days :(

dont take it personally. Im not doing it to hurt you. I will digest you again soon. i promise. it might be a while, but dont worry soon you will be crunched by my jaws... soon

It's all true.
Every word of it.
Our poor, tortured children.


  1. :) hahahaha. what can i say.

  2. Well said Maddie. For the record - I agree! I don't much care for "Dieting Stacie" either.
    I prefer "Eating Stacie".

    I love Stacie just as she is.

  3. I agree with Maddie. Diets don't work. Depriving yourself only leads to overindulgence. Portion control and exercise is where it's at.
    And I can totally sympathize with Maddie. My eating habits always suffered when my mom and sisters went on diets. I hated it too, Maddie. Cookies, they are heaven sent!

  4. Maddie, come to the Gurzi's...scrumptious goodness is everywhere in our kitchen. Ask Dad!

  5. here's another idea,
    I will make you your very own goodness and you can keep it in your room and we won't tell them so they won't be tempted! LOL

  6. Hahaha... I don't think I saw all these comments before.

    Not to worry... I am currently "fat stacie".