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Friday, April 3, 2009

La Noche de One Acts (Part Uno)

Lando was in Drama 1 this year and had a pretty good time even though a majority of the class were freshmen (HA!). He learned some things, had some fun, and even discovered a talent!

The play he was in was about 3 competing drama classes putting on plays at a festival competition. Lando's character was a Basketball Coach who had been demoted and forced to take on the role of Drama teacher for a bunch of metal-heads (competing against one class of high-strung Preppies and another of Artistes - artsy drama kids).
His character believes that the only way to get back into coaching is if he can win the competition.

This first video is from one of the opening scenes where Coach is explaining to his class that he wasn't fired and that he is not too happy about having to work with them.

This scene is all 3 groups (Metalheads, Preps, Artistes) right before they do their 3 plays before the judges and their teachers are giving them final "pep talks".

This video is from the scene where the Metalheads and their teacher "Coach" put on their play at the festival... the title character "Betty" gets hit by a bus - notice the bus driver is talking on a cell phone - and dies (bus driver played by Coach).  
Also notice how the bus driver guiltily revisits the scene of the crime!

For one more scene, see blog entry below.

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