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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Tree Decorating 09

We had our annual Christmas Tree decorating festivities (better late than never). And because we waited until the 20th of December, Deevs had to miss is because he took off to Mammoth with the Longs until 12/23.
But other than missing him, we had the rest of the Fam together. (No small feat!)

Our tree is tiny, so we just decorated the kids' ornament collections. (Which one day we anticipate they will each take their collection with them when they establish homes of their own... and they will have a full trove of treasures with which to decorate their first trees.)

We have Jade with his Angels.

Lando with his Santas.
(Deevs will add his Bears when he gets home.)

And Miss M with her Snowmen (snowpeople?).
The tree is the same size as the boys!
3 of 4 sibs ain't bad
Dad's back was O.U.T. - bummer! :(
We also had our traditional fettuccine alfredo... AND even enjoyed a little serenade by Lando.
FUN evening. (But Deevs was missed.)

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