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Friday, September 5, 2008

2nd & 3rd Days of School

Deevs was not so impressed with his first day of High School... he came home mopey saying the next 4 years were going to be "long".
He is Algebra 2/Trig with a bunch of Juniors who were none to happy about being in class with freshmen.

Lando too came home and pronounced that year would be "long".
His first class is 2nd period, so he parks in Egypt.
He has a real heavy class load, poor guy: drama 1, art & drawing, football, english 4, and AP Econ (one good, hard class).

Miss M is still riding the thrill of all the social (SO MANY KIDS... she was marveling at how just the 7th grade class alone was bigger than then entire student body of her small private school from Kindergarten - 8th grade!!!).  She is also excited that "Gibby" from iCarly (pictured below with the stars of the show) goes to her school and is in at least one of her classes (English, I think),


  1. Although he has been away filming icarly for a month now, right?