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Sunday, January 3, 2010


Jade did not join us in Mammoth this year because he had other plans... BIG plans!
He wanted to surprise Sara with a New Year's Eve proposal (he had convinced her he was not going to be able to propose yet because he was too broke).

This is how he planned it - we have to hear the details about if it is actually how it happened - The countdown to midnight would happen, then he would kiss her for "Happy New Years" and then he would drop to his knee and ask her to marry him. (And if all went as planned, she would say YES!)

Apparently she DID indeed say YES and was so happy & excited, she dropped to HER knees too (adorable!).
There is supposed to be video too... if I can ever get my hands on it, I will post it here as well.

So happy!
Happy & crying
Congratulation cake
Blowing out the candles as an engaged couple
The ring.
(Blurry, but all we have right now... more coming :)

We all knew for a couple weeks and we were having the hardest time keeping a secret (just like Kristen Wiig as "Sue" in this SNL skit. Watch it and ENJOY thinking of our suffering through it!!! - hahaha!).


  1. Aw this got me all teary! So exciting!!! Congratulations Jordan and Sara!

  2. So excited for YOU and new adventures this will bring to your life!!! :)