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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Visions of Sugar Plums

Tonight we trekked out into the country 
to the Christmas tree farm 
to pick out the Christmas tree 
which we picked out a LONG time ago, 
when it was just a wee sapling.  

Bundled up in our scarves and mittens, 
we trudged through the snowy field and found it, growing in its winter wonderland.  

D wielded a trusty axe and felled our fir with a few swift chops then he & Lando hoisted it onto their brawny shoulders 
and carried it to the car.  

Afterward we sipped hot chocolate and nibbled fresh-baked cookies.

Ahhhhh... traditions to savor!


Ok.  So it wasn't QUITE like that.

We trekked 2.4 miles to Home Depot and trudged through the parking lot surrounded by chain link fencing

Miss M, Lando, Stoop (girlfriend), Deevs, Mom, Dad
and picked out a tree we spotted seconds before.  We got to call it our own for a mere $59.99.
So we weren't exactly "BUNDLED" up.
Some of us wore a jacket.
Some wore a beanie or hood.
Some wore... ahem... a tank top.  
D & Lando DID carry it to the car. 
Nope, no cocoa or cookies either (fresh baked or otherwise), 
but we DID go to the Club with Grampie for dinner.

Ahhhh... Memories.


  1. Okay... I was LOL as I read your blog thinking "wow... Stacie's got it going on!"

  2. Me too - I was totally impressed that you actually drove up to the mountains to get your tree - I even thought to myself "wow - there's already snow???" I'm such a dork!!!!

  3. The whole time I'm going...snow? I thought they lived out on the sunny left coast? Good hook to keep people reading, though.

    Disregard my smart remark in Sara's comments. I see you have not only gotten back from vacation but made multiple posts. Shouldn't checked here first. Oh well!

    I can tell you that as of Saturday both Ellen and Grammie were fine. That was BEFORE I left them at the theatre with 12 little kids for Jett's party. Me? I bailed and went to the mall!